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Our SAP Business ByDesign Consulting Services

1) Defining Your SAP Business ByDesign Strategy

Influential Software’s SAP Business ByDesign consulting integrates the pillars of strategy management: goals, initiatives, and key performance indicators.

Defining this trio of factors gives your business the power to hone your decision making and meet your targets.

2) Creating Your SAP Business ByDesign Roadmap

  • Goal – Decide on your the business goal and IT goal, aligning your business intelligence goal with the business’s overall goal
  • Current State – Use a clear representation to show the current architecture or process that the business is using to access data for reports and analysis.
  • Challenges – List the challenges that the business faces when accessing data.
  • Objective – Define your objectives by relating them to what your plan to overcome your business challenges, as well as pinpointing your criteria for success and how you will track progress.
  • Future State – Referring to levels of analytics, create a representation of the future end-state architecture alongside the future end-state business process.
  • Plan – Develop a plan, composed of a timeline, schedule, and milestones, that shows the approach you will take in developing the business intelligence infrastructure.
  • Risks – State the potential risks of the process and your mitigation and contingency plans to counteract these.


3) Performing Your SAP Business ByDesign Audit

Influential Software’s audit provides you with the information necessary to ensure efficiency across all systems and avoid potentially damaging outages.

We also advise clients on new features and products and how they could fit into their current deployment plans.

About Influential Software: SAP Gold Partner Services

Over the past 25 years, Influential Software has empowered thousands of UK businesses to innovate across departments, reduce costs, increase competitiveness, and produce growth.

Our SAP Business ByDesign consulting works with sectors including publishing, manufacturing, higher education, finance, retail, and media.

As SAP Gold Partners – with a wealth of projects across other leading software vendors as well – Influential Software has the ultimate seal of approval for small business ERP solutions.